Zero to 60 Makes 1975 Bronco Look like a 4×4 “Eleanor”

There is something to be said about forging your own path and doing something totally new and unique in the pursuit of making memorable custom cars. It’s admirable, and is always a risk; you may end up dumping a ton of time, effort, and money into something that no one likes. That is not what happened here. In this case, two things that are not new or unique at all were combined to make something surprisingly awesome.

Everyone loves the first generation Ford Bronco. It’s like a Jeep and a muscle car were combined and the best of both beasts could still shine. Looks good, sounds good, and the roof comes off. It might be one of the top 5 most iconic cars from Ford. That’s high praise considering the brand goes back over a century.

What is the most iconic, then? Well, depending on who you ask, it is either the Model T or the Mustang. But let’s assume, for now, that it is the Mustang. And what is the most iconic Mustang? Undeniably that is the “Eleanor” Mustang fromĀ Gone in 60 Seconds. The model is so outrageously popular that people are still styling Mustangs, new and old, to look like the car.

So when a customer brought a 1975 Ford Bronco into Zero to 60 Designs and requested that they make it look like an Eleanor Mustang, Kenny Pfitzer knew he had to take on the project. The potential for something awesome was simply too great. The only thing that was certain from the onset was the paint job.

Anyone can paint a Bronco to look like Eleanor, and most anyone can attach a scooped hood onto one as well. To be the 4×4 twin of Eleanor, in spirit, the whole thing would have to embody the whole stripped-out yet feature-packed simplicity of the original car. The paint is actually Line-X bed liner that has been matched to the correct color, and the Skyjacker lift allows the Bronco to clear some serious terrain.

This means that the exterior is as tough as the rest of the truck. The driveline is all upgraded to withstand the off-road abuse as well, with 9-inch differentials and upgraded driveshafts, little will stand in its way. The tube doors are a nice touch as well.

The original 302 V8 was outfitted with fuel injection. Between that, upgraded exhaust, and the custom stereo, this Bronco sounds as good as it looks. The wheels are 37″, for reference. This car is awesome, top to bottom, and proves that even simple ideas can be great if they are executed well.

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