Yugo With Two Cadillac V8 Engines And 900 HP

Remember these two trying to execute a high speed chase on the streets of New York City in nothing less than a Yugo? You might also remember Bruce Willis asking: “What kind of engine does this piece of sh*t have?” To clarify this for him, “their” ’86 Yugo GV had 1.3L SOHC 4-cylinder making 55 horses at best. But that’s completely beside the point because what you’re about to see further down is pretty much as opposite to this as it gets.


What we have here is custom-built Yugo with some major tweaks both inside, outside and below the hood. Actually, below the hood enhancements are outright insane since the owner, Jim McKamey, decided to install not one – but two separate Cadillac 500 ci V8’s (one in front and one at the back) for a total output of some 900 hp. That’s 20 times the original output of a stock Yugo, so go figure. Lucky for him, engines alone weigh 1,600 pounds each which brings car’s total weight to some 4,200 pounds. Otherwise, it would have simply flown away because stock Yugo used to weigh only 2,000 pounds or so.



You might also wonder if it gets hot inside since rear engine is basically below the car’s tailgate? Yes, it does, and Yugo doesn’t even have the air conditioning. That’s why this unique specimen has separate water-cooling system which transfers the excess heat from working to dormant engine. Yes, Jim usually drives his car with one engine turned off but this doesn’t mean they both can’t run at the same time. Maybe he uses this setup during winter. A fine, though expensive substitute for Yugo’s lack of heated seats and steering wheel.


Of course, some modifications had to be made on the exterior as well. For starters, front end had to be extended some 8 or 9 inches in order to accommodate the big Caddy powerplant. Although all the panels are original, Jim had to carve some new bumpers and wide body kit using the metalwork already at his disposal. He basically twisted and reshaped what he deemed excess and voila – a heavily customized sub compact hatchback was born.


All this wouldn’t have been possible without Brian Hoover’s expertise. Auto Body Specialist based in Columbus, Ohio has done tremendous job on this Yugo, especially considering the limited resources at his disposal. Car made an appearance in Goodguys AutoCross Indy event, and it posted more than respectable time of 66.5 seconds. Look at it fly for yourself in video below. Oh, and just a quick observation. Having had some up-close and personal experience with Yugo’s I have to say two things. One – they really don’t make them this way, and two – you don’t simply open Yugo doors with your thumb, so kudos to Jim and Brian for this as well.

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