You Probably Do Not Know About This 1993 AMG Mercedes E60 But You Should

More than 20 years have passed since the production of this particular Mercedes E60 W124. Back at the time it was the car to have, to lust after and to dream about. Just like the new AMG CLS 63 is nowadays. The times have changed a lot from them, though. This mint condition E60 from 1993 is not as fast, as composed, as refined, nor as efficient as the new CLS (or the new E-class will be), but we lust after it now more than we have a lust for any new car. Why!? What is in us that makes us want some old cars? Do they remind us of some better times or what!?


Nevertheless, the lust is strong and this example – the 1993 Mercedes E60 AMG is definitely one of the best of all time. Mercedes did not produce thousands of AMG cars back then. A limited series of 126 cars created out of pure love found their place under the sun. They forever cemented their place in all-time greats hall of the car world. 23 years later, the car did see a fair share of tough stuff, so an overhaul was imminent. Aftermarket specialist Overdrive, one of the best in the business, was the right choice for the restoration process – if we can call it that, and this “62,140 miles-covered” car was rejuvenated the proper way.


Overdrive is known for its work on the interior and that is the first place you should look to see how cool (and analog) cars were 23 years ago. That is not a lot of time. You can see many cars from that period on the streets, but looking at the E60 AMG gives us a glimpse into the high-end car segment where performance cars dominated.


As for the restoration, Overdrive technicians did not actually have to do all that much. The car was, apparently, in great shape even before, but with some cracks and crannies expected from an older car. Thus, the rubber seals were replaced, all the service work done and then every part of the interior smartly revived with new material. The seats needed a lot of attention and all that plastic polishing, door trim refitting and incredibly time-consuming aluminum polishing made the old Benz look good as new.


Apart from the classic work of polishing, cleaning and repairing, Overdrive integrated a few new bits and bobs on this car. First of all, the black piano segments on the inside are all new. This is a small touch, but it made the whole interior of the E-class far more modern and classy. If there were not that old buttons and switches we would have a hard time guessing the age of this car.


Apart from the work on the interior, the 1993 Mercedes E60 AMG received all new brakes. Overdrive did not want to use old brakes, but they have adopted the braking system from the S55 AMG (W220) and integrated it here. This is a large and heavy car, so bigger capacity brakes were the only way to go.


You may be still be struggling to find a file in your head with the name Mercedes E60 AMG. This is not exactly the most famous Mercedes car from the era, but the sheer numbers related to it are quite impressive. The 6 liter V8 engine it uses develops 381hp. Not exactly a lot since three liter diesels nowadays develop the same. However, back then the Dodge Viper had a 400hp engine with two more cylinders and 2.3 liters more capacity. That tells us that this thing was a blast. Such a blast that it reached 62 in 5,4 seconds before easily getting all that power to 155 mph. Nowadays, units in good condition fetch a price of more than 200 grand. This one will too.


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