You Now Have A Chance To Buy A Ferrari Barchetta For 10 Million

Have you ever wanted to go to Italy for the Mille Miglia so bad that you felt like robbing a bank for $10 million dollars to buy and ship a classic Ferrari? Well, when I saw images of this Ferrari headed to RM Sotheby Amelia Island auction sale next month I felt exactly like that.

This is one of the very first cars to wear the enviable Ferrari badge; a 1950 166 MM Ferrari Barchetta and as far as classic cars go, this one takes the crown. It has a 0058 M chassis and participated in the 1951 and 1953 Mille Miglia runnings. The first time it appeared at the Mille, it was placed sixth in its class. Later on, it got a gearbox and engine upgrade before the race in 1953 in a Ferrari factory. However, the car didn’t finish 1953’s race in Mille and it was later bought by a U.S buyer who took it out for a race in California.

Since then, it has been in Mexico and the U.S where it has spent most of its life but was occasionally showcased at several Concours events and raced as well. Over the past two decades, it has received the best-in-show awards several times at classic Ferrari Concours events. The Barchetta came loaded with a 2.0-liter, triple-carbureted V12 engine which delivers 140 horsepower to its five-speed transaxle straight from the factory. The Barchetta has a basic chassis hardware i.e. it uses drum brakes, a live rear axle, and leaf springs in each of its four corners which are the same as will all early Ferraris.

Touring of Milan crafted the alloy bodywork; Superleggera and has a leather-made tanned interior which is the little cherry on top of the big cherry. RM Sotheby estimates that the Barchetta will sell for between 8 and $10-million once it’s auctioned on 11th March—a Saturday.  But if the price is a little over the top for you, there are other Ferraris in the auction for less than a $1 million.

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