Yasid Design Comes with a Solution to Make Acura NSX Even More Impressive

Another impressive rendering comes from the pixel artist Yasid Design. The car in question is Acura NSX, a mid-engine 2-seater with superb performances. In fact, NSX is among the world’s most powerful sports cars. Imagine how even more awesome it would be if Acura decided on implementing design changes suggested by Yasid Design.

Acura is the name Honda uses for its models in North America. This particular model is actually the second-generation of the NSX, which hit the market this year. The second generation NSX is a hybrid that sports a 3.5 L twin-turbo V6 engine, together with three electric motors. This allows it to produce the 573 hp and the torque of 476 lb-ft. With such high performances, you would expect this car to be a massive fuel waster, but Acura NSX has the mileage of 21 mpg in city and 22 mpg on a highway.

Yasid Design Comes with a Solution to Make Acura NSX Even More Impressive

Last month, 2016 Acura NSX hybrid triumphed in a race at the Pikes Peak Hillclimb, winning the Time Attack 2 class. Its cousin, an all-electric NSX came second in the in the Electric Modified class. With this in mind, designers from Yasid Design decided to share with the world their vision of this supercar.

Yasid Design focused on the rear end of the supercar, adding a few large aerodynamic features, such as an oversized spoiler, which would make the hill climb even easier for NSX. Speaking of aerodynamics, a few changes are also suggested in the car’s nose. The car’s wide body is what makes it great for racing, which in combination with high-performance tires, simply has to work well. In the rendering, you can see that Yasid Design used HRE wheels with Pirelli P Zero rubber.

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