25 All Time Worst Cars Tested By Consumer Reports

These are Consumer Reports Worst Cars Ever Tested

When it comes to automotive tests, Consumer Reports is virtually the most strict and ruthless examiner in the world. Its impartial and in-depth techniques separate the also-rans and the real contenders giving an unbiased view of a vehicle’s true performance. To this end, the magazine has earned itself the top position in the industry, being able to break or make a new car in ways other publications can only dream of. Their testing covers everything from the interior trim quality to the car’s capability of handling emergency scenarios which get totaled up by their 5-point grading system.

In very few circumstances, cars will fall below the poorest ratings earning a foreboding and harsh “Not acceptable” rating. And, if we’re to go with anything from the last few decades, this is when everything goes haywire. Back in the days, between 1980 and 1990, automakers were hell bent on throwing SUVs into the market to cater to the rising demand. Consumer Reports, at this time, got its hands full urging the public to be careful in regards to the increased rollover risks. This led to them fighting lawsuits brought forth by irate car makers who were of the opinion that the magazine’s tests were biased against SUVs.

Even so, Consumer Reports had already done its part of warning consumers way before SUVs took America’s market by storm. History has since then proved the magazine to be right as it’s now public knowledge that aged full-size SUVs have a bigger rollover disadvantage compared to that of the smaller vehicles. From the smallest vehicles to the biggest SUVs, below are 25 vehicles that would be better off the road according to Consumer Reports.

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