Working Scale Model Of LS3 V8 3D Printed And Assembled (Video)

The LS3 V8 in the newest iteration of the Camaro is a popular choice for Mopar fans. Those who don’t have thousands to shell out for a crate engine can 3D print a working scale model. Thanks to this crafty creator, we now know what it takes to make it happen and can do it ourselves.

200 Hours Of 3D Printing Time

After diving through CAD files available online, repair manuals, and pictures, Eric Harrell made it happen. The 3D printing of every part took more than 200 hours with 72 devoted to the block. The end result is a functional scale model that could be a teaching implement or just an interesting conversation piece.

Available Online For 3D Printing Enthusiasts

Eric made the design available online for those who have a 3D printer and want to make their own. There are a few parts like bearings and some fasteners which can’t be printed in plastic. For a small price, Eric is selling these to those interested in making their own mini LS3.

There’s even an electric motor that serves as a starter to get everything running properly. Check out the time lapse video below to see it all coming together part by part and then functioning. Let us know what you think he should do next and most of all what you’d use it for.

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