Woman Flips Out Over Minor Fender Bender

Although it’s natural to get a little upset when the minor fender bender occurs, we don’t understand why this Florida woman reacts to a minor accident by punching, spitting, and making obscene gestures. The incident occurred between a white Ford Super Duty truck, in which the woman in question was a passenger, and a white BMW equipped with the dash camera that captured the video of this unusual reaction to a fender bender. There was no significant damage and no one was hurt. In fact, the woman’s companion who was driving the truck appears to be the one at fault.

Based on the video, the scene portrays this woman as a crazed or drugged-up individual. Her friend purposely hits the man in the BMW, and she jumps out of the truck following the fender bender, cursing and gesturing for no apparent reason but to add insult to injury. She even punches the BMW. What do you make of this woman’s over-the-top reaction?

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