Woman Abandons A Limited Edition Aston Martin DB9 Because of the Repair Costs

Probably should of insured her Aston Martin DB9 Centenary Edition

Exotic luxury cars have their pros and cons. The pre-fix “exotic” may translate to something very unique. On the other hand, it could also mean that parts and specialized labor are hard to find which basically means that repair costs would be crazy high. A Canadian woman learned this fact painfully.

Jessica Liu, a Richmond, British Columbia local shelled out $151,900 for an Aston Martin DB9. She got the Aston Martin DB9 Centenary Edition. There are only 100 cars built with such release. According to the reports, she only drove the exotic car for a few kilometers, then she veered off the road and hit a large stone. The exact cause of the accident is still unknown. What we do know is that she only paid for a basic insurance coverage.

The Aston Martin DB9 was taken to the Burrard Autostrasse (BA). When the repair bill came back, Liu was shocked. The total cost was $100,292, around two-thirds of what she paid for the car. Liu was in rage stating that she doesn’t trust the dealer and the invoice. According to her, she doesn’t want the car anymore and she thinks it is unsafe to drive. Liu’s distrust may come from the fact that after doing a bit of shopping around, she found a shop to repair the subframe for $7,597, while the BA quoted her $18,994 for it.

Here’s the thing, before the shop can repair the subframe, the purchase and installation must be approved by Aston Martin first. The only shop that’s approved by Aston Martin in Liu’s area is the BA. On top of the repair costs, Liu has to pay a storage fee, which is at about $151 per day. The storage cost is now already at $13,676. So, is there a resolve in the near future?

Frank Van Pykstra, the co-owner of the BA, stated that he is willing to knock off $3,798 and waive the storage fee if the problem is settled in the very near future. Will the two parties agree? With Liu’s current state – probably not.

It’s very clear that Liu bit more than she was able to chew. If she had known the true value of her Aston Martin DB9 Centenary Edition, she would have opted for more than a basic insurance coverage.

As of the moment, Liu is bent on ditching the car and asking for a refund. To this day, theĀ  Aston Martin DB9 is still at the BA’s storage, collecting dust.

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