Witchdoctor Summons A Swarm Of Bees To Recover A Stolen Motorcycle…

This witchdoctor may have gotten results, but we strongly recommend other security measures – consider calling in a witchdoctor the very, very last resort. But, like the headline says above, this really did happen. The story unfolded in Mbooni, Makueni in Kenya, and local news reports are stating that a certain witchdoctor managed to summon a swarm of bees to thwart a motorcycle thief, and recover the stolen bike. It sounds a bit dubious, doesn’t it? Well, before we judge it, let’s look at what happened.


Here’s how the story was reported on Kenya’s entertainment news website: “A swarm of bees that had been sent to retrieve a lost motorbike recently brought business to a standstill in Mbooni, Makueni County. According to media reports, the owner visited a witchdoctor who’s quite popular in the area seeking to recover his motorcycle which was stolen a few weeks before the bizarre incident. A few days later, angry bees disrupted normal business at the local market before settling on the stolen bike. Fearing the dire consequences, everyone avoided getting close to it until the owner came and took it home. It is reported that the thief fled after he saw the bees approaching.”


Curious, eh? Well, call me a skeptic if you will, but I think we chalk this one up as a strange coincidence. If the witchdoctor produced a swarm of bees from his sleeve and they instantly exacted revenge on the thief, I’d give this more fanciful a bit more credence. However, a few days of nothing happening sends my alarm bells ringing. I think the witchdoctor is just taking credit for a bizarre coincidence. What other feats is he claiming responsibility for, we wonder? But I’m not the only member of the doubt club, it seems.

The local Assistant Chief, Patrick Mwanzia, explained that the swarm probably arrived after the hive’s queen got caught in the handlebars – which isn’t such a rare thing, considering that a similar incident happened in the same area just days before. Another bike was caught in a swarm, which engulfed it for nearly two hours.

So, before you rush out to contact you “local” witchdoctor to recover that GSXR that was stolen back in 2006, you might want to think again. Unless the witchdoctor has some scientifically proven credentials (unlikely) it’s probably best to let it go. And invest in proper security for next time.

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