Will An AWD Model S Boost Slow Sales?

 In this day and age where cars, and trucks can be made available in various shapes and sizes, there is a car Gearheads.orgthat has been slowly making a pretty good name for itself. Mind you, when it first made itself known, it was a bit on the pricey side, and immediately became a car that some thought was doomed to fail. The car that we speak of, is the Tesla Model S.

 The 2013 Tesla Model S is what can be labeled as a Game Changer. The Model S is an EV, or Electric Vehicle, and IT IS NOT A HYBRID. Now by definition a hybrid car is a vehicle that has both a gas engine, and an electric motor to help move it along the road. Then you have your EV, a car that is strictly, and positively all electric. No gas, no petrol, no diesel, not even any bio-diesel, just controlled and managed electrical current. So, you may be wondering why are we going on about the Tesla Model S right? Well, let’s look at it like for a minute. The Model S came into the automotive market like a Bat Outta Hell, with it’s damn near $100K sticker price, and completely pompous attitude that was bestowed upon it by CEO Elon Musk. Nevertheless, the Model S soon came into it’s own with a bevy of electrical gadgets, gizmos, and a tablet shaped dash board that pretty much puts the I-Pad to shame. Then to top it all off, Tesla boasted that their Model S was the superior EV when it came down to driving distance, and on road presence. Being that I myself have been lucky enough to sit behind the wheel of one of these Silent Killers, the simple premise that there’s no engine making noises to help you figure out how fast you should be going, completely throws you off your driving game. But hen after about 30 minutes or so, you begin to settle in, and come to grips with the fact that this EV is more than just an EV. It’s an Electric Vehicle with the soul of an tuned Sports Car. Now, I wasn’t able to pull the moves that Consumer Reports did while they were testing this marvelous car, but I did enjoy the ability of being a sniper on the highway. What that means is, quickly & stealth-fully, over taking & shooting past a Porsche 911 GT3 without the driver even knowing how it happened. Furthermore, it was just hilarious seeing the Porsche driver’s head whip back, and forth in total confusion.







 Anyway, the Tesla Model S has been proven to be pretty bad ass, but like other EV’s it has a common They are hopeless in the winter when the snow hits the ground, and there’s more than 6” of it to deal with. An EV can produce loads of torque, but it can’t go anywhere if it can’t be applied to the ground. So with that in mind, Elon Musk decided to take a page out of the other luxury car companies that already have their cars driving around playfully in the snow, thanks to a smooth AWD drive train. In recent talks, Musk proposed that there will be a dual motor variant in the works for the Model S. A similar, if not exact replica set up that would have been in the Model X Crossover.

 For the most part, the Model S will remain as a Rear Wheel Drive, fun to drive, Ubber Efficient Eco Machine that is still appealing to many people. Musk hopes that the newer AWD model will help boost sales in the Northern states, where snow happens, and Domestic Trucks seem to rule the area. In all reality, this idea sounds good in theory, but it will take a lot more than an AWD Model S to win more sales from the people who have no problem driving their SUV’s, and other lower priced AWD vehicles right past the Tesla dealership.

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