Widebody Rolls-Royce Wraith With Ski Box Rendering By Khyzyl Saleem

With the latest trends such as ski roofs and wide body kits common in the high-performance car accessory realm, seeing them featured on a Rolls-Royce should come as no surprise. This, of course, is in regards to the Khyzyl Saleem’s rendering of the Wraith.

On a Facebook post, the British artist teased us by saying he’s not really into the Rolls-Royce Wraith, but for some reason, he wanted to his own version, and that if he was happy, then nothing else mattered. He finished the post by saying the rendering was fun!

This Wraith takes us back to the toy cars we used to love when we were young as it has a magnificent color scheme perhaps from the LEGO geniuses. The render offers a playful note that’s much closer to the experience any individual would want to have when they stretch their hands to have a feel of the plastic structure. Being a fan has the least significance when it comes to you acknowledging the exceptionality of this render.

With the rising demand for customized creations in the supercar world, Goodwood’s cars have gotten into the group of cars deemed to have taken things too far in terms of getting further and further away from the factory trims.

For example, in our last year’s edition, where we presented you with the first RR drift car -the Silver Shadow. You’d be surprised to know that it still features its factory V8 6.75-liter engine. It has also maintained its automatic transmission (three-speed). That aside, the sedan has been fitted with drift-tech features such as hydraulic handbrakes, delivering unimaginable slip angles never seen before.

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