Widebody Edge Meets Bentley Class in This Crazy Render

Bentley… Just the name brings visions of bold curves, tight/nearly invisible panel gaps, elegance, and power. The Bentley Continental GT, specifically, is the embodiment of what can be accomplished when elegance and power meet an outrageous budget and hand-built excellence. While many people view these cars as masterpieces on their own, some brave souls dream of a bigger, badder exotic.

That is just what happened when two well-known render artists collaborated. Brilliant on their own, Khyzyl Saleem and Rain Prisk Designs have been known to put out some outrageous renders in the past. In this wild collaboration they image what the beautiful Bentley Continental GT would look like if a tuner added some widebody flair.


While widebody kits can be a highly debated affair on their own, a render which incorporates them on one of the most elegant, hand-built cars currently in production takes it to a whole new level. Honestly, I am not a fan of this look but the level of detail and artistic thought put into it is amazing. What used to be an elegant, flowing design by Bentley is turned to an edgy, futuristic, tuner look.

With the massive new splitter, custom hood, blown out fenders, deep-dish, tight-spoked wire wheels, and oversized, angular air vents, there is a lot to take in with this wild widebody render. This is a clear love it or hate it design I personally would never want my Bentley (if I could afford one) to look like. However, these render artists definitely achieved the goal of a noticeable, outrageous design and I have to give them credit for that. Crazy ideas like this are what move the auto industry forward and although this look isn’t my cup of tea, I’m eager to see what other insane ideas these guys have.

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