Wide Body Porsche 911 Render Shows New Aftermarket Possibilities

Renders are an interesting thing that can go so wrong or, in this case, so right.  This Porche 911 with a wide body kit is the brain child of Jon Sibal, a talented digital artist. His skills have been realized in the past with his Lexus LC design showing up in real life at SEMA 2016.

This gives us hope that this German sports car could become a reality, even if it’s no more than a one off creation. Please note that all pictures beyond the first are not renders, they’re there for comparison. This render appears to have started from a 911 R limited edition model and grown from there.

Pushing Porche Aftermarket Interest

It seems like there have been more than a few wide body kit renders from various artists this year. Everything from Lamborghini Aventadors to various Ferraris has gotten this treatment with various results. The key to these cars seems to be working with the original shape instead of against it to avoid disaster.

This could also be an option for a real aftermarket kit design which Porche owners tend not to buy. The original lines on the body are iconic and recognized around the world. That’s what makes this wide body render so appealing, it accentuates every 911 design cue. With the option to suit up in this wide body build, the Porche aftermarket scene might come to life.

Design Features

Centered tailpipes have been enlarged and we can almost imagine the roar as the car cold starts and launches. These fit just as well as the new rear diffuser which looks to be styled after time attack design does. The subtle reshaping to the rear bumper is also complimented by the new duck tail spoiler on the rear.

Rounding out the modifications that we can see are super low side skirts flanked by deep wheels and slick rubber. Flared fenders give the real wide body feel and somehow make this lowered car look even lower. Other small finishing touches can be seen all over from the rear quarter glass to a new antenna.

We appreciate this latest entry from Jon Sibal’s skills as well as attention to detail with automotive digital art. He’s given new life to the Porche 911 which we don’t get to see enough of. Since the Porche aftermarket body kit scene is so small, we’d love to see more in the future. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this wide body redesign for the German sports car in the comments below.

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