Why Would You Pay the DMV 300,000 Pennies?!

A man from Virginia went to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and paid the sales tax with 300,000 pennies. Nick Stafford is the man behind the idea. He went to the local DMV office with 5 wheelbarrows filled with loose change, mostly pennies. The total weight of the coins was around 1,600 pounds. Of course, your first reaction would be in the realms of – what kind of insanity is that?

Well, according to Stafford, his goal was to “inconvenience” the Lebanon, Virgina DMV as a payback. At one time, Stafford tried to find the direct number of the local DMV. He was upset because he couldn’t find it until he filed a Freedom of Information Act (FIA) request. Later, he also sued the state for denying service by not providing him with the direct number of other local DMVs.

In total, Stafford filed 3 lawsuits, which were all dismissed. Well, I guess it’s payback time – here comes 5 wheelbarrows-full of pennies.

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