When Karma Deals You A Low Blow…

We all know that it only takes a slight lapse in concentration to have an accident…but when you’ve spent that split second laughing at someone else’s misfortune, it’s almost a guarantee that you’re about to receive a hard hit from the karma hammer. And that’s exactly what happens in this brilliant little video from Germany.

After noticing the local Polizei having a word or two with a pulled over scooter rider, our intrepid cameraman does a double take before seeking the reaction of his riding buddy. And that’s when karma bites him in the ass. Fortunately, it’s only a minor bump…but unfortunately, it just so happens to attract the attention of the police too.


The rider who posted it seems to have taken the whole thing in good humor, and no-one was hurt. All props go to him for uploading it, because it’s absolute comedy gold. Moral of the story? Be careful of laughing at other people’s misfortune…especially when the police are standing right next to you!

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Joe Appleton
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