When A Street Sign Saves Your Life…

There are very few occasions where hitting a street sign is a good thing. However, this rider can thank his lucky starts that he managed to hit a road sign because if he hadn’t, the results would have been a lot worse…The age old debate about laying your bike down to save your life is one that’s hotly contested amongst the riding community, but we can all agree that hitting some signage is never a good thing. This happens to be the exception to that rule.


The incident happens really early on in this video, so you might want to go back and re-watch the start a few times to see what actually happens. We join a group of riders who are having a great time carving through the canyons on the road between Lake Isabella and Bakersfield in California. One of the riders seems to misjudge a corner – although it doesn’t look like he entered too hot, he might have just hit a rough patch and lost grip. Either way, the rider goes down. Luckily, the rider fell directly into the path of a corner sign, which may have potentially saved his life… The Kawasaki ZX-6R manages to come to a stop before the steep cliff edge, but if not for the sign, the rider may well have been thrown down the incline.

Whether the result would’ve been life threatening or not can be debated, but rolling down a steep and rocky canyon isn’t something any of us would recommend. If it wasn’t for that sign, who knows what might have happened? Anyway, there is no moral to this story… It’s just one of those lucky things that was caught on camera. Just take care when there’s a significant (or even a minor) drop next to the road. Anything can happen!

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