What Makes this Bentley Worth $7,000,000?

Unlike with most great creations throughout history, historically significant cars are never really “priceless”. It’s something you hear when people talk about art and antiques, but when it comes to automobiles there is always, conveniently, a price tag attached (or at least implied). For instance, the car you see here should sell for around $7,000,000.

It’s well-documented history includes two races at Le Mans, and one of those even ended with a podium finish. It also saw a second place podium finish at the Brooklands Double Twelve. The car was originally owned by the Bentley factory racing team.

After it retired from racing, it was used as a practice vehicle for race car drivers, where it was even more track time. Eventually it was sold to a private buyer, and was passed from owner to owner, each time being carefully maintained and cared for.

It will be auctioned off during the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance this year with bids starting at $6,500,000. If it goes for what experts are estimating, it will be the most expensive car sold at auction so far for 2017.

The 4.5 liter engine and “bobtail” style body are both factors that increase the value of this car. Even without the well-documented history, this car would be a desirable collector’s item.

I think the coolest thing about this car is how rarely vehicles from the 1920’s are continuously maintained and taken care of. Plenty have been placed in museums and on display in private collections, but this car has been in one garage or another for the vast majority of its life.

This car doesn’t just look like an old Le Mans racer. It has the right look, feel, and character. I’m sure whoever owns this piece of history next will take equally good care of it, especially when you consider what it will cost!

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