What Is The MV Agusta RVS That Has Just Been Teased?

Brace yourself for a teaser! This one is the MV Agusta RVS and just what the hell is it?

MV Agusta have just dropped a bombshell of a teaser on their YouTube channel and social media networks. It’s dubbed the RVS, which roughly translates as the “Department Vehicle Special.” So, we’ve got a special vehicle on our hands, right? Well, MV Agusta seem to think so. However, it might not be as exciting as you think.

The MV Agusta RVS: All Our Hopes And Dreams?

MV Agusta RVS Preview Logo

Hah. Not a chance. We love MV Agusta, but they like to do the exact opposite of what we want most of the time. Remember their Zagato collaboration? Well, that was a disappointment, wasn’t it? Remember the promise of a special update? There were definitely updates, but not on the bikes we wanted. To make things more frustrating, they uploaded the video below to twitter with the tagline “Birth of the Hyperbike” – and an MV Agusta version of the Kawasaki H2R this ain’t! From the looks of things, at least.

MV Agusta RVS Preview Etching

Being an Italian design house, MV Agusta (like Ducati) like to really ham up their teasers. AKA: show us nothing of any consequence at all. We’ve got a glimpse of aluminum and a bit of sterling etching going on, a few discernible letters, and as for the climax: a terrible silhouette of a motorcycle, which could mean anything.

MV Agusta RVS Preview

An updated F3 or F4 it isn’t. And that’s a damn shame. More than likely we’re going to see a street-based scrambler. You can see those deep treaded tires, right? Yeah. We think it’s going to be something pretty average at best. But then, the term hyperbike has thrown us a little bit. “Hyper” definitely implies something better than “super” and in what world would a scrambler pack more performance than a superbike? No world that we know of.

It could be a sexed up Dragster though, and that would be pretty cool. But again, it’s not what the public want. A new F3 or F4 please, MV Agusta. I’m not the only one thinking that, am I? Tell me otherwise!

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