What Cars Do These 15 Hot Celebrities Drive?

Check out the Rides of These Famously Hot Celebrities

Here is a common summer scene almost everyone has come across. You are driving home minding whatever business you have on your mind, only to be waved down by a group of young girls showing you the way to a car wash, which is either a regular business or a charity drive of some sort. You really want to get home as soon as possible, but you still want to hear what the girls are saying for the simple reason that girls and cars complement each other like ice cream and apple pie or cheese and wine.

The only downside to this perfect combination is the fact that most girls hardly drive what you’d call exciting cars. Many drive cars that are simply petite, beautiful, functional, and economic or anything along those lines. Why do you think the Prius is such a popular ride in Hollywood? Because of female celebrities, I bet. They are such a buzzkill, but come to think of it, what if that gorgeous girl you see on TV frequently or the girl you listen singing on the radio is a great fan of cool cars just like you are? That would be epic. Cool girls and cool cars are an exciting combination, but since girls will always be girls, most of them just ruin cool cars by giving the machines a feminine touch. Fortunately, there are still many out there to keep the dream of cool girls with cool cars alive. Let’s take a look at what some of the top female celebrities drive.

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