Watch As This Snake Tries To Bite A Passing Motorcyclist! (Video)

Getting bitten by a snake is probably quite low down on your list of hazards to watch out for on the road – not in Thailand, apparently.

This excellent video shows quite a rare thing: a snake attempting to bite a motorcyclist as he makes his way through the northern highlands in Thailand’s Lampang province. Luckily, thanks to a bit of quick thinking, a small swerve, and a lift of the leg, both rider manage to escape from the encounter unharmed.

From what we can tell, the snake seems to have disappeared under the wheels of the vehicle behind. If you’re out riding the mountain roads of South East Asia, it’s not uncommon to see a few snakes that have fallen victim to the traffic.

Despite the quick thinking of the rider, and the opportunism of the snake, the real winner is the guy with the camera in the car behind who manages to catch the moment on film. We don’t like seeing snakes getting injured for our enjoyment, or any animal for that matter, but this is just one of those rare videos that you have to see. And to be honest, when you’re in the remote regions and a venomous snake clamps on to your leg, the probability of a helicopter swooping in to save the day and dose you with anti-venom is pretty low.

Snake Vs Biker: The Video

So be careful out there…we’ve seen flying mattresses, flying ladders, unsecured loads, and bulges appearing in roads. Now we’ve got snakes to add to the list too…It’s not easy being a motorcyclist!

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