Watch A Semi Truck Getting Blown Over By Nothing But The Wind

The stature and impetus of semi trucks already give me the hibby jibbies so you can imagine just how terrified I was to see this fast moving monstrosity get upturned by nothing else but just the wind.

The video was first published on YouTube by Isaac Frame then later found its way on Reddit. It features a semi truck on Interstate 25 blown over by just the wind with a speed of 80 miles per hour.

The Denver Post featured an article which had images of the semi truck being overturned by the wind as well as the havoc that the wind wreaked across the state last week. In one of the pictures, you can see homes ruined and trees pulled out of the ground.

Reports of injured victims are yet to surface but as far as we know, nothing else was damaged when the truck turned over. It only seems fair to remind you not to be on the heels of another car when driving.

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