Want A 2016 Brough Superior? Prices Start at $65k…

2016 will see the triumphant return of Brough Superior. Thanks to new ownership and a spectacular cash injection, the old British marque will once again be producing motorcycles. Back in 2013, we heard that a Brough Superior revival was on the cards, and we even saw a prototype, but after that the enthusiasm seemed to have faded away. It seems that the new owner, Mark Upham, hadn’t run out of steam at all – in fact, he was just getting his head down and working hard on the next generation of SS100s.


Since the last Brough Superior rolled off of the production line over seventy years ago, the rare models that are still around fetch enormous prices at auction. The modern iteration will cost about $65,000 for the base model, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than the usual $300k + that Broughs usually sell for. Still, $65,000 is no bargain. So what do you get for your money?


Well, of course, you get a everything you’d expect from a bespoke, handmade motorcycle: including a choice from one of three styles of handmade aluminum gas tanks, different seat options and a selection of different wheels. Don’t forget, the SS100 was once known as the “Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles.” While the aesthetics are up to you, the engine is what we’re really here to see.


The new generation of SS100’s come with a powerful big V-twin engine that has been developed in collaboration with Brough Superior and French firm “Akira”. If you’re not familiar with Akira, you’re surely familiar with the World Superbike Winning Kawasaki ZX-10R instead – well, they’re the firm in charge of building and tuning those engines, so you’ve got an idea about what they can do.


The Brough Superior’s 997cc, DOHC V-twin may not be quite as powerful, but it has been tuned for a different purpose. It still boasts an impressive 100 hp, although a further 30 horses can be squeezed out with a few optional parts. If you’re looking for a plethora of modern rider aids though, you won’t find any here. No traction control. No ride by wire. No ABS. Although, the new SS100 does come with an industry first: a four disc front brake that gives the illusion of an old school drum. Nice touch…

Brough5 Brough6

Although a thoroughly British motorcycle, the new Broughs are being assembled in France under the watchful eyes of designer Thierry Henriette, at his factory in Toulouse. The first bikes will be available from October, however, only 60 of them are in production at the moment. Even with the massive price tag, over half of them have been sold to eager buyers already. If you’re still interested though, Brough Superior are planning on building a further 350 for 2017. There’s even talk of turbocharging the engines too.


High price, and limited production runs – that’s the mantra behind the new wave of Brough Superiors. “We build bikes for gentlemen,” says company boss Mark Upham. “We want to produce other models but we won’t devalue their product or flood the market.” At $65k a pop, we reckon a “flood” is highly unlikely either way. But good luck Brough Superior – another marque to rise from the ashes is nothing but a fantastic thing.


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