VOS Created A Comprehensive but Pricy Tuning Kit For The BMW M4 Coupe (now it kicks off at 193 mph)

Our favorite premium Coupe, the M4 received one of the most extreme tuning packages since its introduction on the market. A German tuner VOS did their magic and improved the M4 in areas which needed improvements. The engine was upgraded by a large and not only through some ECU tinkering but through nice hardware improvements including a turbocharger upgrade, ECU remap, better cooling, new intake and exhaust hardware, etc. Quite an undertake, isn’t it!


When you learn that they are selling an upgrade like this for only 3 grand you will certainly hurry up and order one before they increase the price. The upgrade will grant the mighty three liter straight six the power of 550hp and 523 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, with it you’ll get that annoying limiter removed. The results – 193 mph top speed. Sick.


Making an all around package, VOS offers the KW clubsport chassis for 5 grand, special stainless steel exhaust for five and a half grand and Brembo six piston brakes with 380×34 mm-racing-brake-discs at the front and two-part racing-brake-discs of 380x28mm at the back. The price for brakes on all four wheels is more than 11 grand. As you can see, all of this adds up to a high-end tuning package costing a whole lot of money. And we didn’t even sink into the exterior modifications VOS can do. If you are really willing to stretch out and give 31 grand (as much as the whole package cost), you’d get 20-inch wheels, carbon fiber diffuser, mirror caps and Vredestein tires.


Bear in mind, these prices are for the cars available for the tune in Germany. We cannot even imagine what would all of this cost in the US.

bmw-m4-coupe-vos-04 bmw-m4-coupe-vos-05

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