The Volkswagen Vision GTI Concept

 Now, for the most part we all know of the name that is Volkswagen, and the heritage that proceeds it. Names like the Beetle, the Type 2 Panel Van, or the Thing are pretty much embedded in our minds all of the time. Nowadays, we look at Volkswagens, and see smooth lines, innovative designs, and classic bodies that have withstood the test of time.


Volkswagen-Design_Vision_GTI_Concept_2013_2 Well, right at the very end of 2013, Volkswagen has once again found a way to not only blow our minds, as well as keep us drooling, and wanting more. The 2013 Volkswagen Vision GTI Concept is that car that has caught the attention of just about every VW fan across the globe.

 The VW Vision GTI Concept is something that was built to keep people interested in the brand that is VW. It’s a car that has been designed around the current 7th Generation VW Golf, and by the looks of things, it’s a stunning looking vehicle to behold. If we can start with the ever so flawless exterior of the Vision GTI, your eyes will come across that ultra mean, and overly sinister front fascia. There’s no real denying that this car is all Volkswagen with that sneaky looking grille staring you in the face. When you take a step back, and allow your eyes to soak in more of this GTI based concept, you’ll notice that this GTI is slightly wider than your standard model. This nuance, in conjunction with a wider front, and rear track width, not to mention the overall ride height has been lowered a touch, allows for a much more aggressive stance than ever before. This GTI concept is sporting 20 inch wheels in all four corners, and with 8.5 inch wides in the front, and 9.5 inch wides in the back, this is a road hugging, traction hog.

 The designers in the VW camp kept a few things in mind whilst building this awesome Volkswagen-Design_Vision_GTI_Concept_2013_1car. One, this is a Volkswagen. Two, this is a Golf GTI. Three, this is a racing car, and lastly, this car is freaking amazing!!! Those key factors were a constant reminder when the power plant for this beast was being considered. Your normal VW Golf GTI, has a four cylinder engine that puts out around 230Hp, respectively, and puts down roughly 200lb feet of torque to the wheels. This is in it’s well known FWD configuration of course. The Volkswagen Vision GTI Concept has simply trumped those numbers. Under the smooth as glass hood, lies a Dual Turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine that’s churning out 496Hp, and 413lb feet of asphalt churning torque through all four of it’s wheels. This is like an R32 on steroids, and it’s pissed off because you dropped Grape Kool-Aid on it’s pristine White finish. The patented VW DSG Dual Clutch transmission ensures that each wheel remains well planted to the ground that it treads upon.








Volkswagen-Design_Vision_GTI_Concept_2013_interior Now, being that this IS only a concept, a lot of the details have been left up to speculation, and grandeur, but nonetheless you can imagine all of the racing style, bespoke qualities that the interior could possibly hold for someone lucky enough to own one of these awesome cars. Pending if it goes into production. Well, one thing’s for sure the interior as well as the exterior is all GTI. So, while it’s truly a vision to behold, you can expect some of that good old fashion, minimalist styling cues to fall in place in this concept. As a matter of fact, you can see in the pics that this GTI comes with optional driving modes, a push to start button, and even some racing goodies for those intentional track days we long for in our lives. The GTI Vision Concept has been geared to racing so heavily that as it stands, there is no back seat. Just a very bold, and somewhat overwhelming X brace that has assured you that the strength in this car is unparallelled. Dude, not many tuner shops could have come up with this concept. It’s just so Bad Ass.

 Well, let me end this segment with this thought if you don’t mind. I am a true Volkswagen-Design_Vision_GTI_Concept_2013_rearVolkswagen fan, and love the brand dearly, and also love to see how they like to better themselves for the sake of the love of their adoring fans all over the world. With that said, this GTI Vision Concept is a car that should be made. Not mass produced, but made in either a limited amount, or you want one, sign the line, and we’ll get it to you in about 3 weeks type of deal. This concept is one of those cars that should not remain a concept, and should be seen by the local skate park, or sitting at a booth participating in the 2014 SEMA Show. This car shouldn’t be a part of any world tour, rather it needs to be in a garage where is can be seen. It can be driven out slowly onto that 30 foot black asphalt driveway, and then hosed down with warm water, and soap just because you know you can do it. It needs to be a conversational piece, and then become the cause of many successful One Night Stands. I’ve said enough about this car. How about you chime in, and tell us what you think about it? Hit us up in the comment box below.    

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