15 Used SUVs and Crossovers You Should Avoid Buying at All Costs

You should avoid these models if possible

After we recently brought you the list of used trucks you might want to avoid, we’re now moving onto SUVs. Although the mentioned trucks list did ruffle a few feathers, this doesn’t mean all of them are bad. Only a few rotten model years. And we simply had to list every manufacturer in order to give you the best possible scope of the situation. Again; this doesn’t mean every pickup truck out there is bad. You should just be extra vigilant if you’re shopping for the ones (model years) listed there.

Now that that’s settled, here’s what we’ll do with this one. Since there are much more SUVs in general, we won’t be able to list all the makes currently out there, let alone those that have been discontinued. This is why we’ll only list really dodgy SUV model years that have suffered from well documented defects. Moreover, we’re only taking the last 15 years or so into account. Buying a used car is always a risk, but buying a nineties or older used car is even more so, and there’s no universal warning that can prepare you for what’s coming if you decide to tread that path.


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