Upcoming Lamborghini Aventador S Rendered With 4 Door Coupe Style

X-Tomi is no stranger to taking fantastic digital art skills to high end cars for a new look. In this case, we have a car that nobody has even seen in person, the upcoming Aventador S. While it won’t be seen until the Geneva Auto Show until March 2017, X-Tomi does have renders to work from.

The car itself comes in a coupe configuration but in the render we see a subtle split for more doors. In this case, the second set are suicide doors that make second row access much easier. It also decreases the wise swing and weight that coupe doors typically have.

There aren’t very many supercars that comfortably seat more than two passengers so this requires imagination. With the 2013 Geneva Auto Show seeing the first four seat Aventador, we have somewhere to start from. While there may be room for passengers, weight may be a consideration as well. Similar weight class vehicles typically have a maximum cargo/passenger capacity of about 700-800 pounds.

To make the Aventador S truly work in this format would require a little more drawing board time but it’s fun to dream. If you’ve for the cash for the car, why not impress people in threes instead of one at a time? Feel free to share your thoughts on the four door coupe styling that X-Tomi has given the upcoming Aventador S.

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