Unique Toyota-Lexus Mash-Up Hot Rod Heading to Auction

One unique custom hot rod build will cross the auction block at Auctions America’s Santa Monica event on June 26. It’s a combination of 1968 Toyota Corona and a Lexus, particularly Lexus SC400. Corona gave it its body, and Lexus jumped in with the powertrain. The result is so unique that chances of finding the same or even similar car anywhere in the world are equal to being struck by lightning.

lexus 1

Assembled in 2004 by Southern California car builder Mitch Allread, this Toyota-Lexus mash-up hides more than a few sports car references. Gulf Racing Blue paint is reminiscent of Porsche 917K’s and Gulf Ford GT40’s. On the other hand, tail-lights are coming straight of 1959 Cadillacs. While Corona’s body has been heavily modified, its sharp front lines are still visible. Hot rod has been built around tubular steel space frame with a 106-inch wheelbase, and it has Nitto 8.5-inch tires up front and 10-inch tires at the back. 5-spoke wheels which adorn all four wheels fit the blend perfectly.

lexus 2

And, then there’s the Lexus powertrain. 4.0L V8 is pretty much the same as it was when produced. It generates around 250 horsepower which are sent to the rear axle via Lexus SC400’s original 4-speed automatic transmission. Allread had to build the entire custom exhaust system, though, and it contributes to V8’s already captivating sound.

lexus 3

Hot rod was built for racing purposes; specifically for the Silver State Classic. It never competed, though, but at least it featured in the Hot Rod magazine shortly after its assembly. During these 10 or so years, it only managed to put up around 8,000 miles, but was thoroughly tested on the LA-San Francisco trip.

lexus 4

Like every true sports car, this Corona-SC400 combo features the roll cage, Jaz racing seats, window nets, and all required gauges and controls to monitor the car’s condition. It’s expected to be sold for between $25,000 and $35,000, but it’s certainly worth more than that to the right buyer. After all, it’s as unique as it gets, and certain to catch plenty of attention on every road it threads upon.

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