Union Motion’s Phaser Type 1 Electric Custom!

Union Motion’s latest electric custom is exactly what the electric revolution should look like: futuristic, utilitarian, and industrial. Since the electric motorcycle industry is still very much in its infancy, different companies are taking the design process in incredibly different directions. On one hand, you’ve got firms like Energica, who are determined to shoehorn their electric technology directly into the existing sport segment. On the other, you’ve got companies like Saietta, who are pushing for a very futuristic, thirty first century kind of vibe. Neither are quite right. Electric tech in familiar shapes seems to signify a lack of imagination, and futuristic design aesthetics come off a bit fake or a bit forced. But Union Motion, specialists in electric custom motorcycles, have found the perfect middle ground.

phaser1_1 phaser1_4

Dubbed the Phaser Type 1, this awesome electric custom was built around a 1998 Yamaha – can you guess? – Fazer 600! And it ticks all the boxes (at least in my opinion), it somehow manages to be retro, modern, and futuristic at the same time. It nods to current trends, pays homage to the old days, but also manages to look like it would feel at home on the streets of Neo-Tokyo in a dystopian future. Forget about swooping curves and an immaculate finish – it’s wrapped in a utilitarian aesthetic that keeps all of the goods on display, rather than covering them up behind plastics.

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The Fazer was a great base to play with, since the frame offered a lot of options in terms of battery location and the drive train arrangement. Despite all this, Union Motion opted for a conventional layout that mimicked the Fazer’s original engine and chain location. Union Motion chose an axial flux, brushless, thee-phase magnet motor to deliver the power, which boasts around 42 hp continuous, and a peak of 64 hp. Luckily, the Phaser Type 1 makes up for the lack of horsepower with an impressive torque figure: 88 lb – ft at the wheel, with a peak torque of 221 lb –ft. It’s even more impressive when you find out that the whole package weighs a mere 353 lb at the curb. As for the top speed? 110 mph. Maximum range? Well, like all electric motorcycle, the Phaser Type 1 comes with technological limitations, but the range is still a respectable 60 miles.

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With the internals sorted, Union Motion turned their attention to the bodywork. The Phaser Type 1 has been treated with beautiful CNC aluminum bodywork; it might be minimalist, but it still shows off the rough and ready utilitarian nature of the bike. The “tank” is still there but it has lost its curvaceous top in favor of a flat finish. Lastly, Union Motion installed a fully programmable instrument cluster, wired up a Husqvarna Vitpilen style headlight, and treated the bike to a nice futuristic, enclosed-style rear wheel.

phaser1_8 phaser1_7

While it’s likely to divide opinion – as anything electric surely does – it just goes to show how fun and exciting the world of electric customization can be. With a battery pack and a powerful motor, maybe that old frame you’ve got rotting away in the garage could be reborn as post-apocalyptic racer? Give it a try…!

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