Rider Gets Knocked Unconscious At 140+ MPH On Track! (Video)

Getting Knocked Unconscious At Over 140 MPH Looks Insane…

Watch this terrifying footage of a rider getting knocked unconscious by flying debris whilst riding on track. How he stays upright on the bike is beyond comprehension! We’ve seen some strange videos in the past, but this one is just too surreal. When we first heard about it and saw the images that accompanied the video, we were almost convinced that it was a still image from a computer game…but it’s real. It definitely is real.

Knocked Unconscious On Track 1

Simply put, we’ve got a few riders out on track practicing at the Snetterton race track in the UK. The victim in the video is none other than British Superstock 1000 championship rider, Josh Boyd, who was taking a few laps to adjust the settings on his BMW S1000RR racer when disaster struck. As you can see, something falls from the passing ZX-10R, knocking Johs unconscious just as he comes into view.

Watch This Rider Get Knocked Unconscious Whilst Riding At 140+ MPH!

How he managed to stay on the bike at all after being knocked out by a flying bit of bellypan is unbelievable. Anyway, here’s what Josh had to say in an interview with Motofire: “I’ve watched the video a few times now and it’s still very surreal. The undertray/bellypan of the Yellow ZX-10R wasn’t properly secured to the motorcycle in front and had fallen off completely, resulting in it flicking up and making contact with my head.”

ZX-10R Debris

“The impact knocked me unconscious immediately hence why I’m draping back like a lifeless body. I would have typically been doing 160mph+ at that point but due to traffic at that moment it was maybe more like 140-150mph.”

After a series of scans, Josh managed to escape with everything more or less intact. Luckily, because his body was limp and because he was unconscious on impact, it helped him avoid any serious injuries.

“I remember leaving pitlane and regaining memory whilst in the hospital. Team members said I was conscious when removing my helmet and leathers for the medics at the circuit but I cannot remember anything.”

Despite being alright, there’s still a loose end that needs tying up. The ZX-10R rider hasn’t made any contact with Josh, and Joshua has got quite a hefty repair bill on his hands. You can find the details of a funding idea through the Motofire link here, but we wish him all the best, and hope he gets back to racing as soon as possible.

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