UK Police Gets a New Toy Car and it’s a Mustang

It seems borders between European and US auto industries are finally loosening up. Although European brands have been present in the states for decades, Europeans themselves never really got used to the American brands, apart from Ford, and maybe Jeep, and Chevy. This might be the reason why Mustang only became available in European markets last year. Still, judging by almost 17,000 of them already sold there, Mustang is doing one fine job for the American muscle team. So fine in fact, that UK police enforcement apparently decided to induct Mustang into their family of patrol cars.


New UK police patrol cars wrapped in checkered Battenburg livery have been presented at one of the trade shows there. Not much has been disclosed by now, but more data will likely follow by the end of the summer. For now, we can only speculate, and you can bet we will. Apart from the right-hand drive, UK police Mustangs will likely feature the strongest GT engine available. Anything beside 5.0L V8 would come as a surprise, but then again, they are intended to be patrol cars – not interceptors, hence surprises might happen.


British police’s choice of the new patrol car itself might come as a surprise after Mustang recently failed to impress at new Australian police fleet audition. Still, no one can doubt Mustang GT’s capabilities as a sports car, and UK police are perfectly aware of that fact.

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