Trucker Saves Motorcyclist From A Bad Situation!

Not all heroes wear capes, as you can see in this awesome video. As you can see, due to some kind of mechanical issue, a biker has found herself stranded in the middle lane of a particularly busy stretch of highway up in Chicago. We don’t know what caused the issue: it could have been something as simple as a running out of fuel or a stall, but whatever happened – the middle lane of a busy stretch of road is hardly the safest place to be. Fortunately, this trucker saw the potential for a disaster and quickly took the necessary steps to defend the stranded motorcyclist against the traffic.

Naturally, when we first saw this video on YouTube, we took a scan through the comments… And my god, the amount of people that are anti-motorcycles is overwhelming! Many people are saying that the trucker was an idiot to protect the motorcyclist, or that he presented an even greater risk by doing what he did, and some even went as far as to say that motorcycle should be banned from multi-lane highways! I’m not taking that stance. No one was hurt, and one person was saved from a dangerous situation. Personally, I want to see more videos like this one, and a lot less of the road rage car driver style ones.


The video was uploaded up by the trucker, who operates under the name Johnny Be Good, or JBG Travels, and he gets a massive thumbs up from us for what he’s done. If only more people were as polite and considerate on our nation’s roads…

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