Track-Only Porsche 918 Spyder Would Circle Up The Holy Hypercar Trinity Forever

Ferrari has the FXX K and McLaren has the insane P1 GTR. Porsche, on the other hand, does not have anything like that. Their most insane car is probably that awesome Le Mans racer with whom they have won the World Endurance Championship last year (guess what the name is), but the whole motoring world would definitely like to see what kind of hybrid pornography would come up from the minds of Porsche engineers if they are about to create a track-only version of the 918 Spyder.


This is, along with the LaFerrari and the P1, the most advanced car of today and while all three cars are awesome, every one of them has a tad different approach to hypercar culture. Porsche decided to do it by giving the 918 Spyder an all wheel drive – other two are RWD cars. Now, the question is – what would its racing version look like?

Amateur designer Kd Kalim had an idea about it – as it seems he bolted Liberty Walk fenders on it with some strange side exhaust system, far more angular side skirts, and enormous splitter at the front with massive grille at the back. This, of course, is only an artist rendering – probably not even well figured out. The main problem with this are too heavy buffed up features like fenders from tuning scene, or massive rear wing. And what is all about that side exhaust. No way, Porsche would re-engineer the whole engine bay and drivetrain to make enough room for exhausts to go to the side. They are better off staying where they are – at the top of the engine. Now, the side exhausts are probably inspired by the 918 RSR on which the 918 Spyder is based in some way. In that case, we can see what route did Kd Kalim take with the design of this car.

Nevertheless, while the rendering might have been a bit tamer and in line with the track cars Ferrari and McLaren released, it is nice to think about the prospects of the track-only 918 Spyder. This car, if it ever comes out, should get an at least 50hp more powerful engine. After all, the 918 Spyder is the least powerful of the Holy Hypercar Trinity. With it, it would fall behind the Ferrari FXX K by a 100hp margin. Although this sounds a lot, it seems that Porsche with an all wheel drive did a magnificent job in setting up the car – it is not the fastest nor the slowest of the three – every one of them has a special performance niche to flourish in. What would that niche be for the alleged track-only 918 Spyder is yet to be found out – of course, if we ever have enough luck to see one developed.

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