Toyota’s Concept-i; The Smartest In Automotive Artificial Intelligence

The most recent CES had more automotive tech than we’ve ever seen before. Among the leaders in stealing the show was the Concept-i, Toyota’s highly intelligent tech contribution. Everything about the car is designed around making the driver more capable and comfortable.

Yui, The On Board Artificial Intelligence

The futuristic exterior is only the beginnig of Toyota’s leap toward the world of tomorrow. The on board artificial intelligence is named Yui and focuses its attention on driving habits and routines. While it can take over and drive autonomously, the AI is ready for much more than hands free transport.

Connected throughout the car, Yui keeps an eye on the driver’s actions and behavior when in manual mode. It learns about stops that the driver makes frequently as well as monitoring schedules and patterns. Interacting with Yui is simple thanks to the visual and haptic interfaces available through the vehicle.

Using the Dash Centered Interface System

Instead of the rather complicated touch screens we already have on the roads, the Toyota version is much simpler. Its easy to understand visual representation layout communicates information quickly and efficiently to the cabin. Reducing the number of prompts and reading means that the driver in manual mode can pay more attention to the road.

For example, lighted foot wells subtly remind the driver whether they are in autonomous or manual mode. When blind spots are detected, projectors call attention to them and show the driver what they may have missed. This means that drivers will be able to focus where they need to, instead of reading dash and screen prompts.

Taking Tech to the Exterior

The outside of this vehicle may seem a little too far flung but every part of its shape is critical to functional design. As the driver and passengers come near the car, the door panels display a greeting to them. Meanwhile, the lighted rear warns trailing drivers of hazards coming ahead and the front tells what driving mode it is in.

At the moment, Toyota has yet to release information on the powertrain but safe bets are on a full electric system. At the moment, this concept is just that but demonstrates the company’s forward thinking. As these features develop over time, we may see a later version hit production or the functions going into other vehicles.

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