Toyota Sienna Obliterates 10 Race-Prepped Muscle and Sports Cars

We have recently brought you a list in which we pitted 10 classic muscle cars against modern minivans like Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona and Honda Odyssey. Or at least we compared respective vehicles’ 0 to 60 acceleration times. Although it’s like comparing apples and oranges, it was still a fun read we’d bet. And to show you that today’s minivans actually do stand the chance against new muscle, sports, and even supercars, we have decided to go all modern on you this time.


It wasn’t us, in fact. We all have Toyota team and Andrew Lund to thank for. Being chief engineer for the Toyota Sienna program, he and his team decided to conduct a little experiment. They decided to pit their Toyota Sienna SE against some of the most renowned muscle and sports cars, and this year’s One Lap of America was a perfect venue for that. Although already fast, Sienna SE was additionally tuned in order to compete with the likes of Viper, Mustang, GT-R, 911, etc.

DG-Spec was chosen to tune the minivan, and they have done a remarkable job. Their R-Tuned Toyota Sienna was fitted with a cage, racing seats, adjustable race suspension, OS Giken differential, and intake/exhaust combo. Furthermore, it received unique Kaminari carbon hood, Bridgestone tires and lightweight 18-inch Enkei RPF1 wheels to hold them. Apart from the aforementioned, and custom graphics and decals, minivan is more or less stock. Most importantly, engine is pure Toyota Sienna SE stock 3.5L V6.

sienna 1

Of course, all of this probably wouldn’t have been enough against most of the cars minivan has been pitted against. That’s why Toyota team went to Craig Stanton for help. When you browse through the list and see which cars Stanton managed to beat with this minivan, you’ll know what kind of difference professional driver behind the wheel brings to the table. Here’s the recap video of the event as a bonus.

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