800 HP Toyota 86 With Quad-Turbo V12 is the Mother of Engine Swaps (Video)

Even after watching, it’s still tough to figure

Ah, the sheer joy of an engine swap being completed successfully! Even if it’s as crazy as these. For some reason, however, Toyota 86 is one of the favorite engine swap candidates among the gearheads around the globe. We’ve seen them with Ferrari V8’s, and we’ve seen them with GT-R V6’s. In fact, we’ve seen them with pretty much everything. As if Toyota 86’s 2.0L boxer type 4-cylinder mill wasn’t cool and capable already? But the following Toyota 86 engine swap has to count among the craziest ones yet attempted.

Apparently, someone in United Arab Emirates (where else?!) decided to stuff Toyota Century’s 5.0L 1GZ-FE V12 into his petite sports car. Conversion was completed by K.K Performance. They say the car runs, although the video below only shows it idling.

In any case, what was until recently overseas alternative to Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, sports one aggressive widebody kit, Michelin low-profile tires and custom set of wheels. To make matters even more extreme, V12 block was practically surrounded by no less than four turbochargers. It’s a full house under that hood, indeed. So much that in order to close it, they had to drill some holes for turbocharger’s exhausts. The setup apparently makes around 800 horsepower which should be more than plenty to lift the light sports car into the air. Crazy or not, it’s what the customer wanted. And the customer is always right.

Photos are courtesy of K.K Performance

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