The Top 10 Cars Most Desired by Men

Male Drivers Prioritize Performance, Power and Style – We Asked the Experts Why

Gear Heads recently discussed the Top 10 Cars Women Want, which was based on an exhaustive 2016 study by automotive search engine and research site Now, with input from a pair of automotive experts, we’ll explore iSeeCars’ equivalent list for male drivers.

iSeeCars analyzed 54 million pre-owned car sales and over 500,000 consumer inquiries of cars for sale from its site over a 2.75-year period. From this data, it identified 10 cars where more than 85 percent of prospective buyers were men (complete list below).

“Males tend to seek performance, style and power from their cars,” said Richard Reina, product training director at, a major automotive aftermarket retailer. “Fast and powerful cars scream ‘cool’ and ‘status’, which many men seek.”

Incredibly, the average price of the cars most sought by men was $49,224, compared to a paltry $14,870 average for vehicles on the corresponding list for female drivers.

“Men typically believe that the more expensive the car, the better chance they have of receiving respect [or] of looking desirable and cool to their ideal mate and friends,” said Robert Moore, Editor-in-Chief of popular automotive website TopSpeed. “Women, on the other hand, don’t try to look ‘cool’. They want something functional or cute, without concern of price.”

“When men think about their ‘dream cars’, it is likely that they are aiming high,” Reina explained. “While these men likely have a great car that’s suited to their needs, this doesn’t stop them from looking forward to the future when they can afford a more expensive and luxurious car.”

Age appears to be a significant factor in male car shoppers’ tastes: in short, starting out looking for fast, flashy cars as young men; getting more practical in mid life; then returning to some of their youthful auto preferences – only on a bigger budget – as empty-nesters or retirees.

“Depending on what stage of their life they are in, their priorities may shift,” said Reina. “A man seeking a functional, day-to-day car may be more interested in its performance, reliability and efficiency. A man who is retired or has a disposable income for a second ‘toy’ or hobby car might look for style and customization capabilities.”

While it tops-out with the $113,000 Bentley Continental GTC, iSeeCars’ Top 10 Cars Men Want list also includes three more utilitarian rides: the Ford F-350 Super Duty and GMC Sierra 2500 HD pickup trucks, and the Chevrolet Cargo Express van.

“The F-350 and Sierra 2500 aren’t bottom dwellers in the model pool, so you still get some pretty luxurious features while getting plenty of power and good looks,” said Moore. “Plus, the country lifestyle is making a comeback, so trucks (and big diesel engines) and lift kits are also more popular now.”

“In the last decade or so, trucks have become status symbols as much as luxury cars,” Reina continued. “Many now have high-tech and luxury features, allowing the ‘work truck’ to transition seamlessly into a great road trip vehicle for families.”   

Here are our experts’ takes on the vehicles that made iSeeCar’s Top 10 Cars Men Want list.

gmc sierra

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