Top 25 Deadliest Cars And Trucks On American Roads

A list of the most dangerous cars to avoid.

Car buyers have a lot to consider. After budget, there is a long list of style, comfort, safety and reliability concerns. The first three to four years of a vehicle’s existence give testing agencies the data they need to determine a lot about it. While most people tend to use that to determine the value, and whether it’s worth purchasing first, the data can also tell a lot about actual safety. In this case, if it’s one of the deadliest cars on the road.

Safety issues should always be a top priority, especially if you’re getting a car for your family. Every four years the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals the cars that have led to the most driver deaths in America. Even though cars are getting safer each year, improving the safety of an in-production model is difficult. When you go car hunting, it’s important to know which vehicles are the most lethal choices on the lot.

The IIHS’s numbers are based on the deaths of drivers per million cars registered. The total doesn’t include any passenger deaths. The Organization conducted the study from 2006 to 2012. In their study, they collected data on high-volume vehicles built after 2005. These are the top 25 deadliest cars on American roads.



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