Top 10 Worst Times to Buy a Used Car

Just like there are best times to buy a used car, there are also worst times to buy, too. We’ve already listed the Top 10 Best Times to Buy a Used Car. So, we should consider the other side of the coin.

Just like there is a code to the best times, there is also a code to the worst times. For example, I discussed in the article on the best times to buy a used car that the end of the month was a good period because salespeople are struggling to make or break their quota and hoping to earn other incentives.

The code you need to break concerning the worst times to buy a used car depends on whether or not the dealership is already clogged with customers. If dealers are getting crowds of potential

buyers, then they are less inclined to making a deal. That’s because if a salesperson can’t make a deal with one customer, there are plenty of others with who a deal can be negotiated.

So, keeping that in mind, the worst season for someone to buy a used car is the spring. In February and March potential buyers are receiving their tax refund. Many buyers like to use the refund as a down payment for a car. Moreover, in April and May high school and college students are graduating and parents are in the market to buy their kid a car as a graduation present. So, dealerships are crowded.

May and June are bad times to buy a used car because parents of high school and college graduates are buying cars for their kids as graduation presents.

Here is the list of the top 10 worst times to buy a used car. Remember the code and determine why these times are so bad.

1. 4th of July
2. Mother’s Day
3. April
4. May
5. June
6. Easter
7. Good Friday
8. Memorial Day
9. Father’s Day
10. July

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