Too Many Special Editions-The 2016 F-150 MVP Edition

Car makers create special edition vehicles as often as Oprah used to give out gifts to her audience. Continuing with this tradition, Ford is releasing an F-150 to celebrate the 2015 World Series Champions, the Kansas City Royals. You will have to be a heck of a fan to want an F-150 MVP edition.


This isn’t the first time Ford has created an MVP edition. In 1986 they released a Ford Ranger MVP edition to celebrate the Kansas City Royals 1985 World Series Championship. Needless to say, Ford will sell at least one of these as the idea came as a suggestion by a Royals fan. Limited to 300 vehicles in the Kansas City area, I’m sure it won’t take Ford long to find enough diehard fans in the market for a new truck.


With the Midwest Ford Dealers renewing their sponsorship agreement with the Kansas City Royals for 2016, Ford brought in 1985 Royals teammate Bret Saberhagen and 2015 World Series member Salvador Perez to promote the truck. Available in either Oxford White or Blue Flame, the MVP edition adds special badging, a spray-in bedliner and “unique” polished stainless steel rocker panels to an F-150 XLT with chrome package. These items will be added in Ford’s Kansas City SubTropolis underground business center.


While I’m sure having Saberhagen walking around greeting workers at the Kansas City assembly plant was cool for the plant workers, this particular F-150 wouldn’t be on the top of my list. Don’t get me wrong, special editions can be cool and I’m sure there are more than enough KC Royals fans to sell out of these no problem. However, with nothing more than badging, rocker panels and bedliner this truck isn’t all that special. While pricing wasn’t announced, I hope this won’t cost much above the normal XLT with chrome package.

Images courtesy Ford. Full press release can be seen here.

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