TINY, The Big Yellow Beast From Canada.

 So, here we are once again with another soon to be popular automotive hit that will grace your computer screens, and smart phones. Like always, we look for those stories that make you think, make you laugh a little, and sometimes even drop an f-bomb if you feel so inclined to do so. Now, today we have a vehicle that started from something common, and mundane, but then turned into something that not many of you out there have ever seen before. Here’s the story of TINY The Big Yellow Beast.

Tiny There’s a man by the name of Waylon Orman, who resides way North of any place I’ve ever been, and that would be Canada. Where the weather is cold, but the people there have hearts that always warm the soul. Now, Waylon is one of those guys that once he gets something in his mind, and it sits around and festers for just long enough, he’s going to take action on it. This guy, at some point in his life, decides that he wants, NO needs a new trail rig. Or in simple terms, a truck that can just about conquer everything. And to make it even better, he’s going to either make people laugh, or slightly angry when he calls this beast, TINY.

 Now, I don’t know Waylon personally, but I was able to reach out to him via Facebook, and I only got that information from a person named Mike who runs the Busted Knuckle YouTube page, where I first saw TINY. {Click here, and you’ll see the page pop up.} It didn’t take long for Waylon to get back to me, and let me know that he Tinywouldn’t mind giving me a little info on what makes TINY tick. As you can clearly see in the pics, TINY wasn’t just a full on custom build, it was a build of passion for all things mechanical, and dirty. Waylon let me know that TINY basically started life as an ’89 Chevy Suburban, and then everything afterward was solely up to how Waylon felt the project should go. He let me know that his original idea for a wheel and tire setup was supposed to be 60 inches in diameter, but like all guys and their rigs, when you come across a sweet deal, you DON’T Turn It Down. This man paid $80 Canadian dollars {$72 USD} for 4, 72 inch wheels that look like they came off of a harvester vehicle. He didn’t mention where they came from, all I know is that they stuck, and are still on the rig. The engine that powers TINY is a Chevy big block with over 350,000Km, or around 218,000 miles on the odometer. Which would explain why it sounds the way it does. A little tired, but always willing to fight!!

 The chassis work was done by him, and a few friends that pretty much knew what they were doing. If not they had Waylon, and Walyon’s wife Tamara to deal with. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that Waylon’s wife Tamara had her hands in this build as well. Not as deep rooted, and bloody knuckled as you think, but just being the loving, and supportive wife that any awesome woman could, and should be. Her strong Tinyminded, and patient way of thinking allowed her to sleep at night, {I never said she slept good now. lol} while Waylon toiled away at making one of the best off-road capable rigs in the world. Connected to the chassis was this used, but severely bulletproof transmission, and transfer case that allows TINY to climb, drive, and roll over just about anything that stands in front of it. Waylon mentioned to me that in his parts list was a 700 R4 Transmission, and a 208 Transfer Case. He then took it a step further, and dropped the differentials from a PSI U.S. Air-force Airplane Tug. {I took the liberty of Googling these items, just in case you got lost, like I did at first. Just click them.} After all of the finagling was done, TINY’S final drive ratio is 17.44 to 1. And if I’m not mistaken, that simply means, that he can use all of the engine’s power, and put it to the ground without losing any grip whatsoever. Assisting the power in it’s tireless duties was the awesome suspension setup. He sourced TINY’S legs from a company called Radflo Suspension Technologies, and I don’t think anyone else would have been able to make something to fit this build. Waylon threw on a set of 2, 16.5 inch shocks in the front, and then a matching pair of coil overs in the rear. Suspension travel is ridiculous!! Between the custom chassis, and the Radflo’s, this beast can twist, and stretch better than Jane Fonda on VHS.


 Wrapping things up with TINY, Waylon bought himself a TINYpair of Corbeau racing seats, that included, but not limited to, 5 point racing harnesses, and an, EMF interior Roll Cage. Up front he added a 10,000lb Tow Winch, which subsequently requires the rig to use a total of 3 batteries to keep it functioning properly. At the end of an 8 month run, Waylon totaled up what he put into TINY financially, and he came up with a bill of around $14,000 Canadian dollars, aka $12,674 and 89 cents. Now if you think about the typical off road rig build of this magnitude, $12K would barely cover the engine, and wheels. This man right here pulled off a sure fire feat of amazement, and ingenuity. Between the massive wheels, the 4 Wheel Steering, the Transfer Case, the late nights, the trial and error sessions, the let downs, and the triumphs, this rig is more than just a project. It’s something that many people in this world aspire to do, and can look up to, for mechanical inspiration. I will leave you all on this note, Waylon & Tamara Orman, are the quintessential couple that this world needs to look at, every now and again. A guy who loves what he does, and a woman who loves him just as much, if not more. WE can all use this couple as a shining example of what it truly and honestly means to be Gearheads. Thanks for reading, see you on the next one.

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