This Sublime 1972 Chevelle SS Resto Mod Hides a 1,200 HP-Capable Beast in its Belly

When resto modding antique muscle cars, people usually put emphasis on one thing or the other. If done properly, hot rods have high quality chassis, interior, and powertrain, but there’s usually something that stands out. That’s the case with this 1972 Chevelle SS too. It’s meticulously done, but its killer engine stands out from the crowd. Here are 7 more ’68 – ’72 Chevelle resto mods to sweeten the deal.

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The Hot Rod Barn of Morris, Illinois is responsible for almost everything you see here, and it has to be said they’ve done their job perfectly. Their high-end customization doesn’t come without late-model power, and this 1972 Chevelle received plenty of it. Credits go to a nitrous-fed Dart LS engine built by Borowski Engines from Rockdale, Illinois. Their Dart LS Next block is surrounded by siamese cylinder bores, longer cylinder barrels, 427 ci Callies Dragonslayer crank, 10.2 compression Diamond pistons, and Comp Cams custom hydraulic cam. You might wonder how this setup managed to deliver a full 1,200 horsepower, but here’s the trick. Dyno figures showed 620 throttle horsepower, 900 horses thanks to 200 shot of nitrous, and finally north of 1,200 ponies with C16 fuel and 700 nitrous shot. Chevelle doesn’t mind regular fuel, but nitrous doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with it.

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That wasn’t all. Borowski Engines even custom-machined their shop’s name onto billet aluminum valve covers. Apart from special performance, thanks to this, their engine has unique look as well. Nitrous Outlet is responsible for the mentioned nitrous burst. Electronic fuel injection, however, has been configured by The Hot Rod Barn, and so were pretty much all fuel-related stuff apart from Rick’s Hot Rod Shop’s stainless steel tank. Final touches to the engine bay were applied in the form of Axalta red paint which matches the body paint. Speaking of exterior, 1972 Chevelle has a cowl hood, custom aluminum 5-spoke wheels, and red Wilwood discs behind them. Interior is coated in beige leather upholstery, and even has modern navigation system. There you have it. This Chevelle SS pretty much has it all, but most notable, it has plenty of power for export.

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