This One-Off Custom-Built Pontiac Vibe Camper Could be Yours for $9,999

You never knew your Pontiac Vibe could look this good

Need  a custom-made RV that fits in a compact car spot and won’t break a bank? Then this silly little Pontiac Vibe camper is the one for you. It’s compact all right, and it can be yours for just $9,999. Before you start laughing, though (just like I did), read it out. It actually has its advantages – two of which I’ve already stated. Furthermore, it’s registered just like a normal car so there are no extra costs included.

As already disclosed, this is basically a 2005 Pontiac Vibe – compact hatch jointly developed by GM and Toyota. It’s powered by Toyota’s 1.8L 4-cylinder good enough for 126 horsepower, and its odometer currently stands at 155,000 miles. Owner states it returns between 20 and 24 mpg depending on terrain upon which it’s treading. Some will remember that Pontiac Vibe used to be the most economic GM vehicle at one time.

What probably interests you more are the camper’s features. Custom made shell (completed with house doors and bathroom windows) is solidly mounted to the car. It’s low enough not to get blown away by strong winds and it’s bolted down to the Vibe’s roof. However, it can also easily be removed should one wish to do so. 8-foot long bed is mounted on the roof and can accommodate two persons although things can get crowded that way. It’s better suited for one.

Short overhang below is ideal as a storage space. The shell is also outfitted with reading lights, and 3-speed Fantastic Fan with thermostat. And, for the grand finale, there’s a 1,300 watt power inverter wired to both sides of the camper shell and 5.1 surround sound stereo system with aux input and a flat TV screen. According to the current owner, slightly claustrophobic camper is better for watching movies than a home cinema.

No camper should come without a good old toaster oven and a coffee pot area, and neither does this one. There’s also abundance of space in various cupboards and shelves. If you wonder where to hang your coat, the answer is; on the door. 2 house batteries last around 5 days before requiring a recharge, and are strong enough to accommodate 2,200 watt heaters. Last but not the least – there’s a brand new porta potty in box included for almost RV-like experience.

Give us your thoughts. Is it cool or is it a fail? Would you pay 10 grand for something like that?

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