This Old 575 HP Bronco is More than Meets the Eye

There is a big difference between something that looks beat up and something that has patina. Patina doesn’t come from something being abused, necessarily. It comes from wear and tear inflicted over years of use. Faded paint, scuffed chrome, and small bits of rust work together to tell a story about the life a vehicle has had. In short: it adds character.

If you have a classic car and have done bodywork or replaced entire panels with ones not matching the original color, you can never really get that perfect, barn-found patina that hot rodders are after. An alternative is making a fake patina effect on the car with new paint. Some consider this to be a bit cheesy, given that you are taking effort to make artificial wear and tear. But as long as the car is actually an antique and the structural integrity was actually improved, I consider it a fair move.

In the case of this particular 1969 Ford Bronco from Classic Ford Broncos, a whole lot more than just structural integrity was improved in the process of making this worn-out looking classic into a deceptive, badass off-roader. While the patina covers the clean bodywork, the bodywork itself hides the really impressive stuff.

The 5.7 liter stroked V8 engine makes a hearty 575 horsepower. That is more than enough to give the stripped-out Bronco modern performance. The 4R70W transmission helps get the power to the wheels. With 35″ BFG Mud Terrain wheels, that power really comes in handy.

The interior is simple and looks completely stock. The wood steering wheel is the only bit of color, and it definitely drives home the worn, classic 4×4 look. It was even fitted with a Vintage Air AC that can keep the passengers cool on warm days significantly better than the original.

To fit the aforementioned 35″ tires under the little Bronco, a fair amount of lifting had to be done. Shocks that are 3.5″ taller than stock do the trick. With the performance and handling improved, this Bronco is actually a feasible daily driver with real off-road capability. A nice side effect of the fake patina is the fact that all scratches and bumps will just improve on the whole look.

A nice patina is certainly not for everyone. After all, the mark of any well-maintained classic is a sparkling, flawless coat of paint. If you happen to find yourself off of the beaten path now and again, literally and figuratively, then maybe Classic Ford Broncos has the right truck for you.

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