This Is The Most Expensive Car Of The 21st Century And It Was Sold In Florida

500th Ferrari LaFerrari is the most expensive car made in the 21st century. It fetched a price of $7 million at RM Sotheby’s auction held at the Finali Mondiali event in Florida. This was quite eventful for Ferrari. The company revealed the racing 488 Challenge and the special one-off SP275 SW Competizione. All in all, Ferrari had 2,380 hp (give or take 20) in three cars at this event.


Back in the day when Ferrari released the LaFerrari for the first time, they promised they won’t produce more than 499 units of it. However, short after horrific earthquakes hit Italy, the company commissioned one more – the 500th unit planning to sell it on charity auction donating all the proceedings to the reconstruction fund in Italy. A noble goal for sure.

Yet, this is not the first time Ferrari produced one more than what they had said they would. It was a bit different story with the Enzo. After a 399 car production run (almost all sold before the release), the company crafted one more – for the Pope. So, while 399 is the official Enzo number, Ferrari production line saw 400 of them leaving factory.

High-end collectors made the LaFerrari an instant hit. The entire production run was grabbed back in 2013, but this latest unit surely is one of the most praised. 500th unit fetched 5 times the price of the one sold through “normal” channels back when available. Apparently, bidding lasted for ten minutes for this very special LaFerrari. Not only does it have spiritual value like no other, but this particular car received nice Italian flag livery and some other special touches only new owner knows about.

Only minutes after selling this Ferrari, RM Sotheby’s and National Italian American Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund auctioned two official Scuderia Ferrari F1 racing suits and gloves. These, signed by Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel fetched a price of $36 grand.

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