This Is How Russian Cops Are Stopping Bikes! (Video)

If the Russian Police want to stop you, they will. Watch in disbelief at how they manage to bring this rider to an abrupt stop. Ouch! And he was carrying a pillion too… We’ve seen videos of the American Police being a little heavy handed, but this is something else altogether!

This crazy incident went down in Votkinsk, Russia on the 22nd June, at 5:39 pm. The story goes that the rider had tried to evade the cops, but the chase wasn’t going in the police’s favor. Further on up the road, a police cruiser was waiting for the runaway biker, and noticing that he was in no mood to slow down, the police stopped him the old fashioned way – with brute force…this time in the form of a car. According to a few media outlets, the police were chasing the biker because he was riding without plates.


As brutal as it looks, the rider seems to be unhurt and the police officers seem to be pretty calm about the whole thing. That doesn’t make it right though, does it? Riding without plates: not cool. Using as a car as weapon: seriously not cool. And doing it when the rider is carrying a pillion passenger? Inexcusable.

No one seemed to be badly hurt though, and luckily for us the whole thing was recorded on the ol’ dash cam. So, at least we’ve got that as a silver lining, eh?

Were the police right to try such a risky move? Let us know in comments!

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