This Is Brabus Smart ForTwo For BMW 5 Series Money

It’s blue. Really blue. Like it’s showing it’s electric. But it’s not. Called the Brabus Ultimate 125, this blue creation is dubbed the “ultimate city sports car”. Really?

Sure, it’s fun, it’s quirky and somehow appealing with all that overkill attitude. Based on the Smart ForTwo with a three-cylinder turbocharged engine, this Brabus creation continues a long line of Brabus-tuned smart cars. However, what other lacked in “insanity department”, this does not. Massaged to 123hp and 147 pound-feet of torque, this Smart has to be a whole lot of fun in the city. It’s sharp and nimble and now, plenty powerful. However, dry performance numbers do not do it justice. Apparently, it needs 9.2 seconds to hit 62 mph. That is slow. Hopefully, Brabus is being just conservative.

What sets it apart from any other ForTwo is a massive body kit, three tip exhaust, new wheels, electric blue paint and ultimate 125 badges. The thing even received a wide-body kit. And it does look awesome on it. It even received massive lightweight 18-inch wheels. 18-inch wheels on a Smart ForTwo! Read that again. We cannot even imagine how harsh can the ride inside be. And then there’s the suspension drop. Brabus rigged the ForTwo with harder shocks and dampers.

Along with beefy 18-inch wheels, the driving characteristics of the car definitely benefited. It will be even nimbler and sharper. We are not joking now – driving feel and the driving characteristics at low speeds should be as engaging and fun as on the best supercars of today. Super short wheelbase, massive wheels, hard dampers and low weight – the Brabus Ultimate 125 has to be the city favorite conqueror. Just consider this – 205/35 R 18 high-performance tires at the front and 235/30 R18 at the back. Huge for a ForTwo.

BMW 5 series money

Obviously, we have here a small car that wants to be a supercar more than anything in the world. Apart from exterior blue, Brabus also found it necessary to install blue seats, blue dash and a blue steering wheel inside. Yes, they did. And this thing can handle it. It’s awesome. Not $55,817 awesome, though. That’s the money one needs to churn out for the convertible. The coupe would set one back $52,836. Silly.

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