This Guy Completely Messes Up Loading A 1965 Mustang Into A Trailer

Beware! Mustangs may be cursed after all. Could this be a case of a driver’s negligence or did this driver buckle under the crowd’s pressure when loading the Mustang into the trailer? Either way, this driver seems like he had loaded many cars before, successfully.

Ford Mustangs are held in high accord by their owners yet it is a long tradition for Mustangs to go wildly out of control just as this 1965 Ford Mustang does in this video.

Mustangs are traditionally perceived the safest cars with excellent traction. To see a safe car get out of control, at the last second, while it’s being loaded into a trailer by a driver who has probably driven cars over a seemingly perfect ramp before is bizarre. This Mustang looks like a dog that violently refuses to get into the bathtub, making us think that Mustangs are cursed.

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