This Cool Cop Could Have Ticketed This Guy – But Didn’t!

There seems to be a lot of tension between bikers and the police recently, so we thought we’d share this nice little video with you. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of anti-police sentiment; it either comes in the form of nit-picking and authoritarian cops, and a lot of riders not respecting the law. Hell, we’ve even seen a few unnecessary shootings too. Let’s hope this video helps to change a few opinions and break a few stereotypes.


We’ve got a group of young riders on sports bikes, and the video kicks in just after one of them has pulled a wheelie. Unlucky for him, a cop saw the offense and pulled them over. At first, the cop targets the wrong guy, until the accused riders friend steps in and confesses to the act instead. The cop actually believes the story and runs checks the guy’s license and his own camera footage. Despite seeing the event with his own eyes, this cop decides not to write up a ticket, and eventually starts regaling the youths with his own bike stories!

This event took place in Wisconsin, and if this officer is anything to go by, it seems like the cops up that way play fair. Not all riders are innocent, and the vast majority of cops are good guys, and some of them are riders too and know what it’s like out there on the roads. It’s good to see a “good cop” video, don’t you think?

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