Thieves Stole North of $200,000 Worth of Wheels From the Chevy Dealership in Texas

If car wheels were currency, this would have been the heist of the century. The heist occured after 1 a.m. on Sunday at the Peltier Chevrolet in Tyler, Texas. What looks like thoroughly professional job, deprived the dealership of $200,000 to $250,000 worth of wheels. The culprits have pulled all wheels from no less than 48 new vehicles, with most of them being 20 or 22-inchers.


Surveillance video, if you can call it that since the thieves have disabled the lights, shows a box truck entering the dealership yard and a few of the culprits. Sadly, it was impossible to determine the number of suspects involved, let alone to identify some of them. The entire operation took around four hours to complete which clearly showcases the professional nature of the heist. When the dawn came, almost 50 vehicles were left stranded on blocks with the lug nuts scattered all over the yard.


What’s interesting, this wasn’t the first time one Tyler dealership was robbed. Wagner Cadillac was hit back in 2014, and so were at least 14 other Texas dealerships in the past couple of years. It seems that there’s a well-organized group on the work in Texas from time to time. Heads up to all dealership owners. You have been warned.

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